Is your money under control?

Do you have more money coming in than going out? One of the biggest sources of stress is a lack of money to pay our basic bills.





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Recommended Books

Money Mindfulness Daily (Ed JC Smith)


Tips for saving money

1.Separate your business finances from your personal finances and pay yourself first!

2. Learn to make expenses claims against your own company, eg Internet, mobile phone, heating, travel. If you are VAT registered, make sure you claim the correct VAT on your petrol expenses.

3. Make sure you always put money into a savings account, even just a small amount! I put away £10 per month, but I used to do £10 per week (£520 a year). Get it into a decent interest return account, I get about 6% from Property Partner (link in the blog post below)

I wrote a blog about savings a few years ago.

Be careful about using credit cards, ideally never leave a balance outstanding for more than 2 months.

If you get into trouble TALK to someone! Generally speaking the people you owe money to, prefer to help you pay than have you go bankrupt, or worse!

Tips for spending less

Use national express coaches for a start instead of the train (where possible) buy McDonald’s coffee it’s just as good and way cheaper than anywhere else and you get free coffee if you collect the stickers, which you can ask other customers for if you are brave enough!

Always buy cans when they are on 2 for 1 deals they last forever…. Actually there’s a boom on how to cook ridiculously cheap from cans:

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