2016 Visualising

Tuesday 5th January 2016

Day 5 of 30 of the #InfinitePossibilitiesProject
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For Day 5 Mike asked us to sit quietly and visualise our goals as if we had already achieved them, he then said to try to do this for 5 minutes every day, so our subconscious brains get used to the images of the results. After all our subconscious brains don’t really know the difference between reality and something vividly imagined. If you don’t believe that then think of it this way, wouldn’t you rather be imagining a really good possible future, than a really bad and scary possible future? Which one have you been thinking about so far? How is that working out for you?!

As I said in a previous post I struggle with imagination, however once again I popped over to the facebook group and saw what other people were doing and got a bit of inspiration from there. So here goes, me trying to imagine myself 1 year from now and focusing on how I successfully achieved all 5 of my 2016 goals… (I will indicate each goal with a #1, #2, #3 etc)

[Im writing this after finishing what I wrote below: This was an amazing experience, I really didn’t think I would be any good at this, but once I got started it actually become fun!]

So it’s 6th January 2017 and I am sitting watching the sunrise over the trees in my back garden from the warmth of my living room (#2), sitting by a real log fire which is crackling in the background having just returned from a 4 mile run (#3) through the countryside in the cool, dark frosty morning air (#5). The grass looks like a glistening carpet of diamonds as the sun starts to stream through the trees. I am running through a talk in my head as I prepare to head off next week to give my first big Utility Warehouse talk in front of about 500 people.

Over the past year my business has grown massively and I have leapt up to Senior Team Leader in the business and my income has sky rocketed (#1). My DiaryBooker business is also making a decent amount of money (#1), but I barely spend any time working in that business any more as I have an amazing team (#4) running it for me. My on-line courses are selling well (#1) and I am running regular retreats for groups of people whose lives are being changed as a result, I love the feeling of getting calls and emails and text from people a few weeks later letting me know how much I have inspired them (#4) to make the changes they needed to make but never before had the courage to face their fears.

At the event next week I will have several members of my team with me sitting in the front rows cheering me on. I will stand up and entertain and inspire (#4) all the people in that room that no matter where they are in the business or in life, no matter how long they have been struggling, they can press reset on the clock TODAY and decide to change their lives forever and become financially free (#1), just like I did 12 months ago. I will be encouraging them to join me (if there is still space) on the MLM cruise (#1) in the Caribbean, which will be leaving in 4 weeks time, just after I get back from a weeks skiing in France (#1 & #3). Just as I am sitting there, the phone rings and its Art Jonak on the phone, asking me if will travel over to Orlando in November to talk in front of 5000 people and tell my story there too. I might just make that the start of my round the world cruise, if I choose to…..

At that point I turn to my beautiful girlfriend who has just got out of the shower herself, her hair is all messy and she looks stunning with no make-up on, a pure natural beauty. I hand her the cup of coffee I made for her and she bends down to kiss me before walking around to sit next to me. The sun starts to stream in through the window across the carpet and reaching towards our toes, I reflect on how amazing my life has become and how absolutely blessed I was to have been able to imagine all these things 12 months ago and for it all to have come true! 😀