A friend of mine recently posted an article on facebook about how to deal with critics if you are an artist out in public and it made me think about how this applies to us all….

She basically said to ignore the critics because they rarely have your interests at heart. She went on to say that you should find critics of your own whose opinion you trust to have your best interests at heart….. And This got me to thinking…

A lot of the time our harshest critics are in our own heads…

We all need to learn how to turn that inner critic into an inner cheerleader…

This article even more emphasised to me what my purpose in this world is… help everyone recognise how totally awesome they really are and to help them get out of their own way, just like the journey I have been on to get myself out of my own way!

I want to help you realise how awesome you are and that your future is yours to CHOOSE and at every second of every day you have a choice about what you think next and what you DO next.

You can choose a different thought and therefore a different path.. EVERY SINGLE SECOND….

I was going to get up and write this new sunrise run blog yesterday, I woke up at 5:11 and then as I was sitting there on the edge of my bed, I had a choice… Do i get up and get on with my day or do I give up and choose to listen to the voice in my head and get back into bed?

Yesterday I get back into bed and slept until 9am. By the time I got up and got showered and dressed there was little point starting any work because I was meeting my friend Yolande to watch the rugby at 2pm…  Sure Looking back now I can’t understand why it took me 4 hours to do that, but sometimes when I don’t take control of that voice in my head, then time just passes and stuff doesn’t get done…

I felt terrible all day because I hadn’t done what I planned to do!

That’s why we all need to learn to make choices and to choose not to listen to that thought that tells you not to bother, that it’s too much effort, that you can’t be bothered, you can do it tomorrow, there’s no point starting that now, they won’t be interested, they will be busy, that will never work, you are not good enough, you don’t deserve that etc etc etc

STOP THAT SH*T don’t listen to the critics that don’t have your best interests at heart… Give that voice some pom poms, put them in a  skin right leotard, put a tutu on them… Turn them into a cheerleader, get them to instead say, you know it’s worth it, you know it’s good for you, you know you will feel better for having done it, you have time to get that done now, if you don’t then at least you got started! They might be waiting for you to call, it might just work, how do you know if you don’t try? Of course you are good enough, we believe in you, come on you can do it..lets get this thing done, how amazing will you feel to have achieved it…

How much better does that all sound?!

Oh and if you are worried about choosing wrong, then that’s fine, because just after you realise it was the wrong choice, then can choose a new thought and a new path.

Just like I did this morning!

Today I chose to get up and write this for you, because I know I will feel great for having done it. Sure there was a sliding doors moment earlier when I sat on the edge of the bed again, but this time I chose to listen to the cheerleader and not the critic….

Starting right now, your future is YOURS….

Which future will YOU choose?