Camino Packing on Day 0

Sunday 24th April 2016

This post was meant to include a loading video and information about what I was taking with me, but time got away from me completely on the Sunday before departure and despite my best efforts I was still packing in a bit of a panic on Sunday night!!

Thanks must go to my Mum for keeping me calm while I was struggling to choose what to pack and what to leave behind. I still ended up with a 16 Kg pack, which is really too heavy (I am writing this at the end of Day 2 and it has already been a bit of a struggle, but more on that in the Day 2 post!).

Once I get back (or if there is a good day later in the walk), I will unpack everything and run through what I brought with me, what I might have left behind and anything I missed. So far though, I think the only things I might have left behind are the second pair of trousers & the book and I might have brought about half as much moisturiser and fewer padlocks!

Top tip for anyone else doing this trip though, aim to have the contents of your pack, ready and packed as if you are about to leave, at least 7 days before you go ideally but at the VERY least have everything packed into the space at least 2 days before you depart. When you are gathering it all together outside of the space available it definitely doesn’t look like its very much, but once you start trying to fit it all in the pack and then realising how much it all weighs, you WILL be surprised!