So I went to the book launch of a friend of mine the other night (Angela De Souza) her book is called “I did it in my Pyjamas”… At the book launch everyone turned up in their Pyjamas, at least everyone who was not too scared turned up in their Pyjamas.

Obviously for some people the idea of doing something so seemingly out of the ordinary was too much to bear and they didn’t turn up at all!

I asked a fairly new friend of mine if she wanted to go along and she said she liked doing interesting and different things so she said yes (I kind of knew this already of course and it’s one of the reasons I enjoy her company). She was a little worried that she might be the only one in Pyjamas, but as it turned out she would have been the only one NOT in Pyjamas! I was very proud of her when she turned up in Pyjamas 😀 you go girl!

So everyone was in Pyjamas, and anyone who wasn’t, would have felt very out of place! Then our local MP turned up…. But I think we can forgive him for not wearing Pyjamas, there is a practicality thing there and he was on a bike and could only stay for about half an hour,  so it was completely understandable. I wonder if he did feel a little left out though? Having said that, Alex was very engaging and talked to everyone, including talking to the band about playing the guitar. If the guitar had not been left handed, I think we may even have persuaded him to play a bit! What a thoroughly lovely chap! Just before he made his apologies for not being able to stay, he even made a slightly risqué (in context) comment…..

Given that one of the chapters is called “I did it in the bath” and another is called “I did it with 5 people” there were inevitably a few people (myself and my new friend included) who were very British and immediately saw the obvious innuendos, but as there were children in the room, we did have to be careful!

Yesterday (and this morning) I’ve started reading the book. It’s a very interesting and engaging read, especially if you have ever started or considered starting your own business!! I’m reading it as part of my “10 pages a day” challenge which of course is one of the 15 steps to happiness in my own book (coming soon)!

I usually read my 10 pages sitting in the bathroom (hence the title of this blog) in the morning just before a 5 minute meditation/silence as it’s usually for most people the only place they can be undisturbed for a short period of time.

As any regular readers of my blog ( will understand, I’m going to be particularly interested in the chapter titled “I did it with depression” because as Angela said during the launch sometimes the hardest thing to do in the morning when you are struggling with depression is get up and get dressed. Sometimes you just have to accept the situation and decided to just do the day and be comfortable to say “I did it in my Pyjamas”. That is, of course, the reason I’m writing my own book, to help people understand how to work towards having far fewer dark days…

Interestingly that same evening, another friend of mine texted me to ask if I was going to a comedy night at a pub in Cheltenham town centre. I was sitting there in my car with my pink stripy Pyjamas on, trying to decide if I was brave enough to turn up to a pub in my Pyjamas where I’m certain I would have been the only one! I didn’t quite have the confidence to do it and have slightly regretted it ever since, after all how cool a story would that have been!

I never tire of telling the story of when I took part in a Spencer Tunick installation ( but that’s a story for another day!

So in conclusion, what are you doing today to push your comfort zone a little bit? What can you do today that scares you just a little bit?!

Thanks for listening as always, any likes and/or comments are hugely appreciated.

Have an awesome Saturday everyone 😀

PS go get a copy of Angelas book, it’s an inspirational book about how anyone can succeed no matter what excuses they think they have!
PPS I love writing this blog, I just wish I could get paid for doing it! If anyone has any ideas, please let me know….