Today I did a shorter run and a swim as it was a long day yesterday sitting listening to inspirational talks from 9am until 1030pm!


So today is a list of quotes and thoughts taken from yesterday’s notes. But to start with I just want to encourage the world at large to focus all their thoughts on light, love and tolerance in the shadow of the events in Paris yesterday… There is no place for hate or violence in response.. So onto my notes from yesterday (Sometimes slightly modified to aid understanding out of context)

Randy Gage:
*The only thing holding you back is YOU
*If you want a better life for yourself then you have to give up the person you have been up to now.

Art Jonak:
*In a typical week, most people have 30 hours of spare time, what are you doing with that time?
*Be GOOD =Get Out Of Debt
*£1000 per month income is the equivalent of having £200,000 in the bank at 6%, How long would it take you to save £200,000?
*Don’t let pride get in the way of your dreams!

Orrin & Laurie Woodward:
*Don’t try so hard not to look poor that you end up being poor!
*Watching TV is a great way of watching someone else’s dreams come true
*Do you have compound interest working for you or against you (debt)?
*how did you get into debt? Pretty slow at first then really fast at the end!
*how did you get rich ? Pretty slow at first then really fast at the end!

John Addison:
*Winning is a choice not chance
*Everything you do either attracts people or repels people.
*How hard are you willing to work for your dreams?
*If you want things to change then YOU have to change
*Success is never final, failure is never final, it’s the courage to continue that counts
*Holding a grudge is like drinking poison to try to kill the other guy!
*Act the way you want to feel and soon you will feel the way you act.
*Never take advice from anyone more screwed up than you
*Be careful who you give control of your brain to!
*Be the best you that you can be <3

“Big Al”:
*Most people are cadavers just waiting to die
*Most people are programmed not to say yes
Wes Linden:
*How do you think THAT (what you are doing) makes “Brand YOU” look to anyone watching?
Dana Collins:
*Your commitment determines your destiny

Darnell Self:
*Celebrate & Recognise the behaviour you want to see
*Don’t try to talk your way to success, listen your way to success instead.
*Followers need an example to follow, so be that example
*People watch what you do, not what you say..

Bob Burg:
*Selling is just finding what people want and helping them get it.
*Networking Marketing doesn’t care if you just got out of Yale or Jail!
*You might be the answer to someone else’s prayers! <3

Chris Brady:
*The moment someone doubts your motives, everything else is tainted
*It’s not as important to succeed as it is to matter & it’s likely you will get the former if you work the latter…