Every day(ish) I go for a run and take a photo of the sunrise. Then I write about what I thought about on my run. It’s only about 1 mile, but it’s enough to clear my head, get me out of breath and let my mind wander. I base most of it on what I am grateful for in my life 😀

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Friday 13th March -

Friday 13th March – “Are you happy with your life?”

Thursday 12th March -

Thursday 12th March – “My first Sunrise-Run video…”

Wednesday 11th March -

Wednesday 11th March – “Filming a video…”

Tuesday 10th March (extra) - OMG it's HUGE!

Tuesday 10th March (extra) – “OMG it’s HUGE!”

Tuesday 10th March -

Tuesday 10th March – “Nice warm, cosy bed…”

Monday 9th March -

Monday 9th March – “Focus time…”

Saturday 7th March -

Saturday 7th March – “No more tangled headphones…”

Friday 6th March -

Friday 6th March – “My knee is fixed…”

Wednesday 4th March -

Wednesday 4th March – “Darkest before Dawn…”

Tuesday 3rd March - How beautiful the world COULD be!

Tuesday 3rd March – “How beautiful the world COULD be!”

Monday 2nd March - Life gets in the way...

Monday 2nd March – “Life gets in the way…”

Friday 27th February -

Friday 27th February – “Exciting days ahead…”

Thursday 26th February -

Thursday 26th February – “Visualising a Billionaire…”

Wednesday 25th February – “Intro…”

Tuesday 24th February-

Tuesday 24th February- “50 Shades of….”

Tuesday 24th February -

Tuesday 24th February – “My Motivational Quote…”

Monday 23rd February-

Monday 23rd February- “Selling is not selling if…”

Sunday 22nd February-

Sunday 22nd February – “Loving the crisp, cool mornings…”

Saturday 21st February-

Saturday 21st February- “That’s just me….”

Friday 20th February -

Friday 20th February – “How to get good at anything…”

Thursday 19th February -

Thursday 19th February – “Sowing seeds…”

Wednesday 18th February -

Wednesday 18th February – “Get up and get on, you will feel better…”

Tuesday 17th February -

Tuesday 17th February – “Excuses, Excuses…”

Sunday 15th February -

Sunday 15th February – “Fresh Air Friday at Colesbourne”

Saturday 14th February -

Saturday 14th February – “Happy Valentines Day”

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