The most dangerous lies are the lies you tell yourself everyday…

Do you know what they are?

“I can’t…..”

Really? Who said you can’t? Specifically? Has anyone else done it? Have you even tried? How many times? Have you actually done it at least 10 times? Really? Did you fail every single time? Have you ever done anything similar? Are you really sure it’s not possible?….

18 days until

If you still think you can’t, then on 26th April, I will help you understand why you think you can’t and hopefully show you why you can…(within reason of course!)

On a final note though, are you sure it’s more a case of “I don’t want to…..”? At least then you are being honest with yourself!

However, then you need to ask yourself:
“Why don’t I want to?”

Happy Wednesday everyone <3 <3 😀