Good morning winter!


Winter Morning

I was up a bit late for sunrise, even with the extra hours sleep, the app that tells me when sunrise happens got it wrong this morning!

But it was nice to be out listening to the birds and the quiet on a Sunday morning…

I reflected today on where I was this time last year waking up after running my amazing breakthrough day and doing my first firewalk etc.

A friend of mine said the following  yesterday and it really brought into stark realisation about how important the phrase “your life becomes the average of the 5 people you spend the most amount of time with” really is…

Here is what my friend said:

“12 months ago you seemed to be inspiring people – leading seminars and sharing positive vibes everyday. This makes you very radiant and attractive to others.

Maybe I haven’t seen it but you seem not to be doing that now so much.

I think it’s a shame cos you were using your circumstances really well.

And helping others

And that is very attractive!”

I know what has changed and those that are close to me know what’s changed….

So once again, I find myself living my life as an experiment to learn real life lessons that will hopefully one day help others to overcome the messes that I’ve been through!